Sierra Nevada Santa Marta – Colombia

Situated on a pristine tropical dry forest surrounded by La Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta (A Snowy Mountain Range), lies Mamancana Private Game Reserve. A conservation project dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation, awareness and preservation of bio-diversity. With over 1,482 acres of land, we share our space with a host of wild animals and different plants species and through careful management of the environment have encouraged the return of many endemic species. Over the past 25 years we have been working hard to preserve our land to be able to offer our guests the opportunity to experience the varied, yet specialized eco-systems that call Mamancana Mountain home.

Deep within the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta lies the heart of the world, a link to Mother Earth. Where your spiritual and ecological sense is needed to truly understand why this magnificent place is so closely tied to the tribes that inhabit the place.

Mamankana is an indigenous Arhuaco word that defines the Sacred Land. A place in the highest peaks of the snowy mountain range, where four lakes dwell: Blue, Red, Black and Green where the indigenous Mamos (spiritual leaders of the village) pay tribute and perform spiritual rituals.


Zandua, Luxury Lodge





We offer you romance and tranquility to celebrate one
of the most special moments of your life. Amid the beauty of the forest you will be able to share this special dream surrounded by friends and family, making it a unique, unforgettable, and mystical moment.



Corporate Event

Conventions and conferences have evolved. Mamancana is a perfect multifunctional stage to carry out all kinds of corporate events. We have spaces and strategic activities where comfort, technology and nature converge: achieving inspire, activate abilities, encourage teamwork, reward good performance and give entrepreneurs great motivation to push goals.



Sunday Brunch

Mamancana Sunday Brunch Led by our talented chef, Mamancana Private Game Reserve offers every Sunday a delicious brunch. We bring a fusion of native Colombian food and international dishes such as: Eggs to taste, tropical fruits, salads, seafood, desserts, and a wide variety of 100% natural smoothies made for you with all our love.



Virtual Tour

An easy, fun and interactive way to see each space of Mamancana with just the push of a button. Get a plausible and natural view, as it is in reality but from your computer.



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Historia Inspirada en la Tierra Sagrada

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“Más allá de las nubes, en el universo, está la cosmogonía, ahí está Mamancana”… MAMANCANA es la historia por descubrir. Un  recuerdo de conquistadores,  aventuras, crónicas, de sueños y hallazgos. Es un viaje al pasado, [...]