Plans Mamancana

Romantic Escape

A night full of magic, the sky illuminated by the moon and the stars, the dawn contemplating the sea in the distance, an irrigation of fresh rose petals, warm breeze that rose their bodies. Health for union and love! Enjoy our unique and unforgettable night in our Zandua cabin.

Price: $ 309 USD

It includes
Breakfast, romantic decoration in the room, bottle of sparkling wine; 10% discount on spa treatments and 15% discount on eco-adventure plans.

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Pass day

Enjoy the sun and make your senses vibrate, feel as the force of nature reconnects you in the middle of this magical nature reserve.

Adult: $ 51 USD
Children: $ 43 USD

It includies
Entrance to the reserve, ecological trail, infinity pool and lunch.

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Healthy Plan

It is the moment of the essence of feeling nature on your feet, with a visit to our ecological trail, to see the fauna and its biodiversity, enjoy a lunch with the best company, and watch the sunset fall in our infinity pool accompanied by a natural fruit smoothie.

Adult: $ 55 USD
Children: $ 51 USD

It includes
Entrance to the reserve, ecological trail, infinity pool, lunch and 2 fruit smoothies.

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Sunday Brunch

With the help of our talented chef, Mamancana Private Game Reserve offers a delicious Brunch every Sunday; We bring a fusion between international food and the flavors of our land: eggs to taste, fresh fruits, salads, seafood, desserts and a wide variety of 100% natural smoothies, made for you with all the love of the house, come and enjoy! We will wait for you!

EVERY SUNDAY   |  10:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

Adult Brunch
· Entrance to the reservation, infinity pool, breakfast, lunch *, unlimited champagne *
Price: $ 60 USD
· Entry to the reservation, breakfast, lunch *, unlimited champagne *
Price: $ 44 USD

Children Brunch
· Entrance to the reserve, infinity pool, breakfast lunch, smoothie *
Price: $ 47 USD
· Entrance to the reserve, infinity pool, breakfast lunch, smoothie *
Price: $ 27 USD

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Mamancana Private natural Reserve offers you the chance to know an ancestral surrounding full of history.

Connecting with nature in different ways, allows to broaden the chances to know the environment. Each way offers a different adventure and a particular scene to perceive what we have around.


to the reserve

Connect with mother nature and tour the ecological paths where you can observe flora and fauna that has been part of our
conservation works which become real with your contribution.



Interact with nature, visualizing the biodiversity of flora and fauna and the magnificent thorny dry tropical forest of our
Colombian Caribbean. Caracoli trees, ebony, lignum wood, ceiba and animals like birds, iguanas, zainos, etc. Everything framed in a fully natural environment and accompanied by a tour guide.



Begin your tour by defiant rocks until the Macancana viewpoint where you can feel the power of the surrounding nature with a 360° of the dry tropical forest.


horseback ride

The funniest way to explore the landscape of our forest, travel the roads and remember our roots and feel the real nature.

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