By intensely enjoying the amazing abundance of flora and fauna, with a high percentage of endemic species, especially birds and reptiles of the highlands, you will feel the thrill of adventure flowing through your veins.


Within this wild vegetation full of endangered species you can hear animals walking through a silent forest, birds shrieking in the trees or someone sliding down a Zipline a thousand meters long!

The Zipline is built out of top-of-the line materials that meet the best safety requirements and highly trained personnel instructs and supervises the users on how to enjoy the experience to its fullest. Each individual has the following equipment for this sport: helmet, harness, belay device -carabiner-, pulley, figure eight and safety tape.

Sliding down this Zipline, one can enjoy the view from the highest of the trees and contemplate the different species of fauna and flora that take shelter in the forest.


The reserve has the ideal thermal conditions to participate in this activity. After a 4×4 trip or an ascending walk, you will get to the Voladero a 300 square meter area that ends in a precipice. While airborne, you can gaze into the wonder that is MAMANCANA, the beauty of the Caribbean, the Ciénaga Grande marsh, the Rodadero and the city of Santa Marta.



With 90 square meters, the self-sustaining structure is built in fiber-glass and features a naturally looking rocky appearance. There are several different routes the climber can take depending on the level of difficulty that they want to go for; it has capacity to hold four people simultaneously.
In order to assure that the user has what he needs in order to perform the activity safely, there will be a training session on how to climb and perform the appropriate moves on the wall prior to the activity. Safety equipment such as a harness, a carabiner and talc powder is given to the participants in order to enjoy the activity.



The mountainous terrain of Mamancana offers the visitor an infinite amount of adrenaline as well as potential physical effort. Here the riders are surrounded by nature. There are kinds of terrain suitable for every modality such as Down Hill.


The Aero-path can be enjoyed through some challenging RAPPEL or an impressive descent from a massive tree that allows you to vibrate closer to the inhabitants of the forest. With the platforms installed on top of the trees, you can enjoy they vertigo and the adrenaline rush flowing through your body.

4×4 Ride

Live the adventure by having a 4×4 ride throughout the Reserve going through uneven terrain and ledges. With this activity you can reach quiet and peaceful areas where the wind gently caresses your body, giving the visitor a momentary view of how hallucinating and beautiful the sea, beaches, forests, flora and fauna of the Colombian Caribbean can be.