This plan depicts the actions required to prevent, control, and compensate for the possible environmental impact or effects caused by the development of eco-touristic activities in Mamancana Private Game Reserve. The operational plan contemplates the execution of environmental practices and the implementation of environmental information systems for the development of operational units such as:

• Biodigesters
• Rainwater collectors
• Rainwater reserves
• Clean energy: wind and solar systems
• Hydraulic system for the generation of electricity
• Campaign for recycling awareness
• Recycling of the waste generated by eco-touristic activities in the Reserve.
• Organic recycling for the generation of natural fertilizers and gas
• Greenhouses for the germination of forest species
• Wood garden for the maintenance and recovery of the soil and the production of organic fertilizers
• Collection of wood and fruit seeds
• Protection and maintenance of the flora and fauna in the Tropical Dry Forest
• Characterization of the flora and fauna of the Dry Woods
• Characterization of aromatic species of the Dry forest
• Medicinal properties of tree bark from species of the Dry Forest
• Pure water, natural sweetener (bee-honey) and medicinal products Project
• Implementation of bee-hives for the production of honey
• Water purification plant through sedimentation
• Project: cultivation of Aloe Vera
• Recovery of the creek’s channels.

Sustainable Practices

Top-of-the-line technology, clean energy, natural design, biodiversity and cosmogony, evolve the life in the middle of the Tropical Dry Forest.