Amor de Mi Tierra


Through the passionate care of the Tropical Dry Forest, Amor De Mi Tierra Foundation was born. Its true identity shines through its environmental and economically sustainable philosophies. With the evolution of life, it seeks to promote environmental awareness and education, where every individual merges with nature to create a better world. After 23 years of commitment to the planet, we invite you to be a part of this mythical story!

Amor De Mi Tierra Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. Whose activities are of the scientific, technical and cultural nature. Envisioned to achieve social and economic development.

It has contributed with the development of pathways throughout the entire Reserve in order to: facilitate showing the different indigenous vestiges that it possesses, to appreciate the different species of conserved tress, to nurture Environmental Protection culture and to promote ecological and adventurous outdoor activities. Amor De Mi Tierra foundation has established greenhouses by using natural seedbeds for trees such as the Caracolí. Just as it has created programs to recover Mamancana’s hydric resources by reforestation and fortification of the vegetation layer; needed for water to spring. Amor de Mi Tierra has helped forge local environmental committees and campaigns for conservationist education in the local community.

This Tropical dry Forest where many endangered species reside, is one of the least studied ecosystems in the tropic. Dry Forests in the region have been extensively modified and deforestation in the region has achieved nearly 100%, turning significant areas into savannahs since the XIX century. Because of this, one can only find fragmented remnants of the once great Forest where only one percent of the natural vegetation layer is struggling to survive. Through the loving labor of Mamancana and Amor De Mi Tierra Foundation, the Cause for conservation of the forest is still alive.

Thanks to ornithological studies carried out by the ALPEC (Alianza Para los Ecosistemas Criticos), the remaining Dry Forests were identified as strategic for the conservation of migratory-bird species, allowing for the prioritization of areas key to the protection of the bird-fauna in the Colombian-Caribbean region. Due to the geographic location of the Forest, these natural habitats are of the outmost importance to the travelling birds which use them as refuge on their way to the Andes or the eastern side of the continent. These are the first forested ecosystems that millions of migrating birds can find after their journey over the Colombian-Caribbean coastlines.


Up high

From the highest peak of the Sierra Nevada the indigenous tribes send their biggest love energy. A need to care for this beautiful Forests filled with uncounted species of plants and animals arises. In the form of love from the Sierra to the world, we are Amor De Mi Tierra Foundation.

Listening carefully to the call of our beloved Mother Earth, we have supported many projects focused on the proliferation of Environmental Education. Enviromental Education for kids and adults alike, we strive to create environmental awareness for generations to come. The future is now and Mother Earth needs our help. Trees from different species have been replanted in our forests throughout the years. Amor De Mi Tierra wants you to stay in contact with nature. It wants you to learn from its infinite grandeur and wisdom…

To this end, we have created the necessary infrastructure where you will be able to appreciate all of the flora and fauna that this magical place has to offer.


Hear your silence

In this magical place, the winds speak…
Here is where freedom is born
Divine Harmony!
Here, environmental awareness is as this…
This land of our own…
Our true father is Sun
Our true mother is Earth

Our true power is in helping!