Tayrona God Representative of the Sun

“The floor of the temple is the world of the living, and the thatched roof is the model of the above worlds”


It is the balance of energy channels with specific schemes to unblock neck, shoulders, and back.

Emotion Code / Release of Emotions

Therapy that allows to free emotional burdens that cause the vast majority of physical ailments.

Crystal Therapy

It harmonizes, balances and revitalizes the different vital centers of the body also called chakras.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Chakra, the ideal space to strengthen body, mind, and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage

It is a technique that includes music-therapy, aromatherapy and vibrational therapy in order to obtain harmony, balance, and relaxation.

Bride Ritual

It is composed of exfoliation, therapeutic massage, unblock, balance, and reconnection of the heart chakra to stimulate love, sensuality and sexuality.

Renewal Massage

Allows the reconnection with your inner-self and with the universe. Achieving a cognitive state of physical, mental and spiritual potential.

Massage of Earthly Positioning

Propitiates states of appreciation and recognition of the individual and its environment, facilitating the amazement and enjoyment of the day-to-day

Acupuncture: Fountain of Life

This needle treatment unlocks those energetic points on your body that are showing low levels of energy. Because of this, the treatment is considered a source of energy

Acupuncture: “Back to Essence”

Allows the renewal and strengthening of the psyche of every organ in the human body, invigorating the essence of each and every one of them

Massage For Convalescence
After Irreplaceable Loss

Contributes towards your comprehension of irreparable loss, fortifying your resilience in order to achieve the necessary peace and energy to move on.