Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Seeking to preserve and transmit ancestral knowledge and history of the indigenous tribes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, some of the greatest connoisseurs of this beautiful culture come to Mamancana to teach us how to find the power of healing through nature. For our physical, mental and emotional health they bring the following treatments:


This consultation is a conversation with one of the spiritual leaders in which you can ask him questions about a topic of your interest or something you would like to know. It is a private conversation between the spiritual leader and you.


As we clean our body, our spirit needs cleaning as well. This energetic clearing works on the harmonization of your thoughts and the conquest of a state of tranquility where inner beauty is, creating a connection man-nature so that everything starts flowing again. the cleaning includes: snuff, frailejón, chirrinchi and coca leaf.


Physical, spiritual and emotional healing through elements that the spiritual leaders carry with them (stones, herbs or baths).


Amulet of protection consecrated by the Guardians of the Holy Mountain (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta)

Music and Dance of the Arhuaco Universe

Musical and dance group from “Katunsama” Indigenous people. Promote and disseminate the cultural and ancestral heritage of indigenous communities. They are harmonious sound flow of nature, and the sound of the Tayrona magic mountain. (Special service for weddings and corporate events and/ or private)

Mother Earth Ritual

A ritual to connect with Mother Earth. It is a ritual performed by the Indigenous, to repay the benefits received from nature; thereby seeking to achieve a balance in all aspects: physical, spiritual and energetic, through offering fruits and seeds that are buried in the earth. (Special service for weddings, newborns and private events).

Cultural Exchange

lntercultural talks about indigenous cosmogony of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (subject to scheduling / Only for groups)

Arhuaco Marriage

It’s a bond carried out under the beliefs of the Arhuaco culture. It starts with a magical ritual that begins with the cleaning of the moment of birth of the groom and the bride in order to close past karmic cycles. The relationship is blessed and healed and according to the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the relationship will be full of blessings and new energy of love.